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Dermaheal HSR

Dermaheal HSR (Skin Rejuvenating with extra Hyalauronic acid) is a mesotherapy solution with powerful extra components that effectively revitalizes and removes superficial wrinkles to reverse some of the adverse aging effects on your skin.

Containing a cocktail of peptides, growth hormones and multi-vitamins similar to those found in Dermaheal SR, Dermaheal HSR contains extra Hyalauronic acid that increases the moisture levels in the skin and tightens the pores. As with Dermaheal SR, Dermaheal HSR is an extremely effective treatment in restoration of skin elasticity, reduction of acne and the correction of dilated pores.

Used in a treatment plan Dermaheal HSR will dramatically improve the condition and appearance of your skin in a surprisingly short period of time.



Dramatically increases moisture levels 

Improves skin elasticity

Establishes and maintains the correct moisture balance for your skin

Used to Treat

Tired, dehydrated skin

Negative effects of acne

Dilated, constricted pores

Course of treatment is recommended
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