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Xylogic Retix C


Treatment is an intensive anti-aging treatment based on Acticell 40% which contains the most effective rejuvenating ingredients in appropriate concentrations and effective formulas. Its purpose is to comprehensively improve the appearance of the skin: reconstruction of collagen fibers, improvement of skin tension, smoothing, brightening of hyperpigmentation, intensive moisturizing.



The treatment is performed on the face and neck - a powerful anti-aging therapy and reducing skin imperfections, while performing on the body is apparently a treatment that reduces stretch marks.

Retinol in the form of a stable and innovative Matrix polymer complex, exhibits elongated and increased penetration deep into the skin, while minimizing the concentration. ActiCell 40%: Vitamin C 8% as levorotatory stereoisomer of ascorbic acid and 30% Antioxidants have an extremely effective rejuvenating effect and protects the skin from harmful oxidative reactions, resulting in a 40% Retinol 2% contained in the ActiCell formulation for prolonged and optimal therapeutic effects.


Operation of Retix.C

 - regulation of the epidermis,

- reconstruction of collagen fibers, elastin, GAG and stimulation of skin renewal,

- smoothing, brightening pigmentation spots and reducing skin imperfections,

- concentration and improvement of skin tension,

- increased skin hydration level, thanks to the reduction of water loss from the    

  epidermis (TEWL - Transepidermal Water Loss)

- protection against photodamage and increase the natural protective barrier of the

  skin, thanks to which it is possible to restore the correct vitamin A level in the skin.


Effects of the treatment

The skin is visibly rejuvenated, illuminated, firm and tense, and the wrinkles are less visible.



- skin exposure to the sun (very sunny summer),

- skin allergies,

- active herpes,

- tendency to keloid formation,

- condition after facial surgery (up to 2 months),

- pregnancy

- breast-feeding

- numerous melanocytic markers

- numerous teleangiectasia

- condition after cryotherapy (up to 6 months)

- autoimmune diseases

- skin irritated, damaged

- severe forms of acne-require prior pharmacological therapy,

- oral derivative therapy wit. A (Roaccutane) - required at least half a year break.


After performing a professional part of the surgery in the office, the patient goes home with a retinol mask that he cleans himself after 6-8 hours.

The amount and frequency of treatments depends on the skin and the needs of the patient.

During the treatment period and one month after its completion, use a sunscreen lotion (SPF 50+)



TIME: 1h

PRICE: £50


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