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No-Needle free mesotherapy (electroporation)

is a non-invasive method of skin rejuvenation, an alternative to the classic needle mesotherapy.

In the traditional application of cosmetics in their active ingredients do not penetrate the deep layers of the skin because it prevents the surface of the stratum corneum. Needle mesotherapy is a method using appropriate electrical impulses can overcome this barrier, thus allowing the active substances to penetrate the deepest layers of skin. The aim of treatment is to stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and elastin
Needleless mesotherapy treatment (or electroporation) is the introduction of active substances in the deep layers of the skin. The active substances are used in the form of a mixture - a solution known as a cocktail, individually chosen for your skin. Are introduced by short current pulses of high voltage. A pulse reaches not only located deep layers of the skin, but also - through the cell membrane - into cells.
Electroporation facilitates the opening of aquaporins ( AQP - integral membrane proteins that form channels that are responsible for water transport to and from the cells), so that hydrophilic molecules can penetrate into cells. It is a process completely safe - does not kill the cell membrane, while allowing for the introduction into the skin cells active nutrients. The cells are additionally stimulated to activity , which manifests itself in a better absorption provided to them in the form of the solution components. The most important result needleless mesotherapy treatment is thus opening new avenues of penetration of active ingredients into the skin cells without affecting their physical structure. Introduced in the substance of his work even 48 hours after surgery, mikro anchored in cell membranes.
No-Needle mesotherapy is a painless, in its implementation may occur only a slight tingling sensation. After surgery you can immediately return to normal life. The procedure can be performed also in the eyes. 
treatment is combined with peeling and mask selected for your skin.


regeneration of the skin after sunbathing,

improvement in skin elasticity (increased production of collagen),

reduction and smoothing of wrinkles,

raising the level of skin hydration

oxygenation and regeneration of the skin,

improvement in skin firmness and skin tone.

improve the contours of your face,



loss of skin elasticity

Dry and dehydrated skin

skin discoloration

smoker s skin


dilated blood vessels


Pregnancy and breast-feeding

 metal implants in the body,



 heart disease,

 venous disease


 treatment: it is recommended that a series of 8-10 treatments, spaced a few days,

 Care: 1 treatment per month