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Do you have any offers on laser hair removal?

Yes, we have some great offers on! Call us on 07757119190  to ask about 40% off laser hair removal.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

At AWBeautician -beauty therapy we offer a bespoke treatment plan for each person. This means that the price for laser hair removal can vary. Following our consultation process, you will have a detailed pricing overview, as well as plenty of information regarding our flexible credit options.


What is IPL hair removal?

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment is an alternative long-term hair removal method that you might consider if you have a fair complexion. IPL technology can also be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including thread veins, sun spots and rosacea.


What’s the difference between IPL and laser treatments?

IPL hair removal works in a similar way to laser hair removal – it uses light to heat up and destroy hair follicles, and it takes between six and eight sessions to get the area completely free of hair. But there’s one important difference – IPL hair removal is more intense and goes deeper into the skin, which means it’s usually only suitable for those with light skin types.

Can you treat my skin type?

Thanks to our advanced technology lasers, we should be able to perform laser hair removal on anyone, including those with darker skin tones, as long as you have a suitable medical history and don’t have a reaction to the patch test.

How many laser hair removal sessions will I need?

Most people require six to eight sessions to get the results they want, but your practitioner will be able to advise exactly how many are right for you. Sessions are normally scheduled between four and six weeks apart, and you’ll notice that less and less hair grows back each time.

Is laser hair removal safe?

At Transform, all our practitioners are CTC-registered and receive ongoing training in the very latest laser hair removal techniques. We also use the very highest quality equipment to ensure your treatment is effective.

Will the hair grow back after laser hair removal?

You’ll notice that your hair grows back finer with each laser hair removal session, reducing by approximately 10-15% with each treatment until it disappears entirely. We recommend a top-up treatment once a year to maintain the smooth results.

Can I shave between treatments?

Yes, shaving is fine. In fact, we’ll ask you to shave between treatments as it makes it easier to perform the treatment, but you shouldn’t wax or pluck as this removes the hair from the follicle so there’s nothing for the lasers to target.

When should I plan laser hair removal treatments?

Winter is the best time to have laser hair removal treatment because it’s easier to avoid direct sunlight, which can damage sensitised skin. However, you can have laser hair treatment or top-ups at any time of year, as long as you don’t have a tan. As it takes several months to fully complete a course of treatment, it’s important to plan ahead, so if you want hair-free skin in time for your summer holiday, you probably need to book your first session for January or February.

Do I need to avoid sunlight after having laser hair removal?

You’ll need to keep the treated area out of the sun for approximately two weeks before and after your laser hair removal course, depending on your skin type. Your practitioner will advise you on what precautions you need to take and for how long. For darker skins, you may need to avoid sunlight for six weeks before and after your treatment to avoid marks appearing on your skin.

Can I have laser hair removal treatment if I use fake tan?

No, your skin needs to be totally free of tanning products. This is because the lasers can’t tell the difference between natural melanin in the skin or stimulated melanin from the tanning products, so they’ll heat up both structures to the same temperature. This can damage the skin and cause blisters, darkening or pigmentation.

How long do I have to wait after waxing or plucking before I can have laser hair removal treatment?

You’ll need to wait for approximately six weeks so that the hair has time to grown back in the follicle.

Do I need to prepare before having laser hair removal?

For your first consultation and patch test, you should leave hair unshaven so that the practitioner can properly assess the hair and take accurate ‘before’ photos. After that, we advise that you shave before each treatment session.

How does laser hair removal work on darker skin types?

To treat your skin type, our practitioners will use a longer wavelength, which will destroy the hair in its follicle. This disrupts the cycle of hair regrowth, without damaging your skin, resulting in effective hair removal.

Is laser hair removal suitable for darker skin types?

We always perform a patch test on all patients to ensure the treatment will be suitable. Our experienced practitioners will test a small area of your skin using the laser. Your laser settings will then be recorded before waiting 2 to 14 days to assess the outcome of the patch test (the darker your skin, usually the longer we need to wait).


Pay as you go or purchase a course which are priced at 6 sessions for the price of 5. 

Please note that we provide a FREE Consultation and a Patch Test which is required at least 24hrs before treatment.