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What Is Cellulite?


Cellulite describes a condition that occurs in men and women where the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen, and pelvic region becomes dimpled after puberty.

The term was first used in the 1920s and began appearing in English language publications in the late 1960s, the earliest reference in Vogue magazine, "Like a swift migrating fish the word cellulite has suddenly crossed the Atlantic." Descriptive names for cellulite include orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin, the mattress phenomenon, and hail damage. Synonyms include: adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, and gynoid lipodystrophy. Cellulite is unrelated to cellulitis, which is infection of the skin and its underlying connective tissue.

What is Cellulite & Cellulite Treatment


Cellulite is the expression used to describe pockets of fat which are trapped and cause dimpling in the skin. This dimpling is irregular and patchy and has been identified with orange peel. 90% of post-adolescent women go on to develop cellulite at some time during their life although it is very hardly ever seen in men. The thighs, buttocks and the abdomen are the most common areas for a woman to develop cellulite. Although it is often mistaken for obesity, cellulite is not actually obesity related because it can also take place in thin lean women. Underneath the dermis and epidermis are three specific layers of fat. Cellulite tends to develop in the subcutaneous fat layers. This layer of fat is unique in its structure compared to the other layers because its fatty parts are structured into specific chambers by strands of linked tissue around it. Hormones also help out with the storage of fat along with the body's metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer. Hormonal factors such as estrogen and folliculine also play a role in cellulite formation. Cellulite is for the most part found in women during their hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause and also whilst taking birth control pills. A woman's hormones are usually responsible for the regulation of their blood flow, fat, connective tissue and lymphatic drainage. The fat cells between the two reserve fat layers situated under the subcutaneous fat layer dissolve into a slack network. A person's genetic makeup predicts their fat storage and metabolism in these layers which are predisposed by diet, exercise and lifestyle. These layers have no responsibility for cellulite forming on a person's body.

What Is Cellulite Reduction Therapy?

Our chosen Cellulite reduction therapy utilizes an FDA-Approved non-surgical body treatment called Endermologie treatment which reduces cellulite and tones the skin. Endermologie®, is a registered trademark of LPG Systems and was introduced to Europe in the 1980’s, and the United States in the early 1990s, as a non-invasive approach to reduce or eliminate cellulite. Endermologie® was originally invented in France in the 1970s as a treatment to reshape scar tissue, although many patients observed reduction of body dimensions and improvement in skin texture.

Cellulite Reduction By LPG

The LPG Cellu M6 KeyModule device is mainly used to treat cellulite by contouring and re-shaping your body. Over 90% of women suffer from some degree of cellulite and the LPG Cellu M6 KeyModule device can visibly improve the appearance of this cellulite and smooth out your skin. Women who use Endermologie treatment for cellulite say they feel no pain, just a relaxing, massage experience. The LPG Cellu M6 KeyModule cellulite device manipulates your skin structure by folding and unfolding your skin to restructure the skin's connective tissue and stimulate blood and lymph circulation. For the LPG Cellu M6 KeyModule treatment to be effective, you will need several treatments as well as monthly followup maintenance treatments.

How Long Does The Session Last?

The AWBeautician-beauty therapy  likes to follow the protocol of manufacturer. For the Endermologie® treatment the LPG Cellu M6 KeyModule is set up for 35 minutes.

Cellulite Reduction By Endermologie Has Been FDA Approved

The most beneficial therapy for cellulite reduction is Endermologie® by LPG. Endermologie® has been FDA approved to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie® from LPG is the world's first patented technology to assist in the reduction of cellulite and free localised fat that is trapped below the skin. It is now internationally established with over 20,000 Endermologie® centers around the world.

How Often Should I Come For Maintenance Sessions And For How Long?

With Endermologie body treatments we recommend to take 20-28 sessions for the first package. You might need more, or you can go right on to do maintenance. It all depends on your blood circulation, water retention, your fat cells and the fibrosis of the connective tissue.

The Endermologie® LPG recommends that you go on maintenance only when you feel that you have achieved the maximum results. If you had 2 sessions a week, we will suggest reducing the sessions gradually. For example, going from twice a week to once a week, then once every two weeks, then continue to once every three weeks and finally, once a month. You should keep coming once a month in order to maintain these great results.

When Can I Start?

Right now! Call us and leave a detailed message with the date and time you would like to start, and we will contact you in the next 24 hours. Whether you are getting ready for the summer, an amazing vacation, or simply that very important high school reunion, please know this: Endermologie body treatment is a slow procedure and needs to be planned ahead of time. So whenever you plan on starting, we would like to wish you great results and a lovely experience.

Cellulite By Endermologie Cell M6

Endermologie® - the latest Cellu M6 KeyModule is the perfect tool to fight conditions that may, In part be caused by the body's hormonal changes, such as a dimpled appearance to the skin often known as cellulite. The treatment head of the machine is applied directly to the Skin using various programs that increase blood flow and help fluid elimination, thereby contributing to a more even finish to the skin and better body contours. Endermologie® is a technique recognized worldwide which has been proven for over 10 years. Administered with the LPG family of therapeutic massagers, Endermologie® is the first technique recognized to fight the dimpled appearance of cellulite by temporarily improving local circulation.




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