AW Beautician - IPL/LASER


IPL LASER in Edinburgh

IPL is one of the most modern technology designed for wide use in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

IPL device emits intense pulsed light source using a xenon flash along with a system of mirrors and filters. This system produces polychromatic light that is not cohesive.

Our device due to its modern design features a high power radiation (pulse energy of light to 40 J/cm2), and the ability to set multiple flash sequences. This feature allows for effective hair removal, photorejuvenation, close blood vessels, acne treatment with a minimal zone of thermal damage to surrounding tissues.

The clear pulse is able to deliver a certain number of individual sequences of light pulse, at a specified time. During the procedure the tissue is cooled by a special electronic cooler TEC, which provides the tip temperature in the range 0-5 ° C. Thus, the device can effectively operate at higher energy densities than is possible with older models of the IPL. The combination of these features gives us a secure solution with high efficiency and speed.

IPL Light allows you to perform extremely effective, durable and safe treatments that heal and reduce the variety of skin defects, such as:

dilated blood vessels,

acne vulgaris and rosacea,

the effects of photoaging