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Body Slimming Treatments Our mesotherapy body treatment uses Dermaheal LL to reduce fat deposits and cellulite while increasing overall skin elasticity and regeneration.

The treatment contains L-Carnitine, which takes fat cells from the base layer of the skin and converts them to mitochondria, causing them to quickly decay. Other ingredients cause the breakdown of unwanted triglycerides and promote fat burning to add tension and smooth the skin .

This technique is extremely beneficial as it targets the underlying causes of cellulite, not just the noticeable symptoms, therefore it could be considered a long-term investment for your body’s appearance.

Reducing the orange-peel appearance fatty deposits have on all areas of the body, treatment over a number of sessions will see the skin improve drastically to its previous condition with a smooth, attractive contour.


Reduces fatty deposits and cellulite

Targets underlying causes of cellulite

Improves overall condition and tone of the skin

Used to Treat


Orange-peel appearance

Specific localized problem areas on the body

Course of Treatment is recommended ( between 3-6 sesion 10-14 days apart )
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